Welcome to Charity IT Support

We are the UK's only IT support company dedicated to charities. We work with some of the biggest charitable organisations in the world!

Our goal is dedicated to helping charities become more effective through technology.

  • We've amassed over 20 years of experience in designing websites, producing digital products and delivering online campaigns.

We provide this all for free. Use this site to reach out and work with us and receive all our training and expertise,


The video below is a quick promo describing how charity IT support works. We run workshops Mon-Fri at our offices in London, so be sure to check those out as well. We also have free guides and course materials for independent IT contractors to learn and start providing support straight away!


Volunteering for Charity IT Support

As an IT professional, you can imagine that IT support is a complex and multi-layered beasts. We needs experts in all aspects, from server to administration, to join our team and offer your talents in helping charities with their needs.

Specifically, we need Windows XP, NT and 10 experts - those familiar with PHP and MySQL databases, as well as designing and maintaining a main frame. You can volunteer for us while working at home. We'll set up an office for you so you can start taking calls and helping us out!

Sleeping arrangement for IT Staff

There are many reasons why IT people are considered the most stressed people. The hundreds of customer complaints and all the technology they have to learn constantly as it changes is enough to stress anyone out. But add to that a chronic lack of sleep and you are in for real trouble.

So what's the solution? It starts making sure our bedroom furniture and king size beds are cheap and easy to buy online. This way, you will have a room you love to come home to every night. And if you lie down in fresh sheets a nice clean pillow and, I think you'll agree, no pleasure can be compared to what you'd get with a restful nights sleep if those were the arrangements.

We now have a solution. Buy a quality bed from an online retailer and your prayers will be answered. When IT professionals join our company, the first thing we make sure is that they're getting the right amount of sleep. We actually ask them about their sleeping arrangements.

We then advise them on the best place to get a good double bed or a kids bed if you have children. A good rest will certainly improve your ability to handle complex IT tasks you'll encounter on this site. So brew that hot chocolate, lie back, and enjoy a good night's sleep!


Tech Surgery

We offer independent advice on technical IT issues. Our tech surgery is a free and independent consultation which will diagnose your IT problems and offer effective solutions. The surgery is run entirely by volunteers from the professional IT services industry.. We are always looking for more volunteers to join us. Please use our contact form if you have a few hours available to help charitable organisations with their IT needs.